Things I Like About America

The roads. I don’t care what the roads are like in Europe, the roads in America are impressive. Huge, expansive, tracts of well-paved, high-quality road all across the country, and where I’m from, they are regularly maintained, repaired, and renewed.

The beach. This includes the black sand beaches in Hawaii and any beaches in Alaska.

Freedom of Speech. A freedom I think is often taken for granted in the United States. You can say, “The President is an asshole!” in this country without any repercussions. I think that is a very high mark of a tolerant nation.

Diversity. Diversity of color, of climate, of weather, of people, of language, of culture…

New York City. One of the biggest cities in the world; perfect for those who don’t ever want to be bored.

Tell me what else you think I should add.

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4 responses to “Things I Like About America”

  1. Universities?


    1. Definitely, the US university system is the envy of the world.


  2. I like positive posts! This one brings a lot of reassurances that place we live is decent. I like you mentioned Freedom of Speech.


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