Here’s to 2022!

Well, it’s that time of year again, isn’t it? Specifically, the end of it… Wow. This year, like the others, seemed to fly by.

It’s been a very tough year for many out there. Despite our best hopes, the Covid pandemic continues to spread throughout the world, and just when we thought it would end, we had the Delta variant, and now the Omicron variant. It appears that we will have to remain vigilant for the foreseeable future.

I express my condolences to those who lost someone this year, whether from Covid or any other reason; I express my condolences to those who feel like the ocean of circumstances this year has knocked them off their footing, off their path or balance; I express my condolences to those who’ve felt like they are in the end times due to the events of this year. I too, wish things were different.

We also lost many noteworthy and interesting individuals this year. But it was not entirely doom and gloom. We distributed 8.8 billion vaccine doses this year. We saw humanity continue working together and pushing itself to its limits to help stop the spread of this plague. We launched the James Webb telescope and landed a rover on Mars. A malaria vaccine was developed, with the promise to save millions of lives. And the adorable panda is no longer an endangered species!

It may appear that we are living in bleak times, but I feel more hopeful than ever. All across the globe people are rising up and demanding better working conditions. Whether it be a generation of new leaders who promise to put people first, workers going on strike, or people simply refusing to work in The Great Resignation, it is apparent to me that more and more people are waking up every day. The flame of the struggle for freedom and self-determination has never been brighter!

So coming into 2022, I wish everyone an abundance of hope, faith, health, success, and prosperity. I hope everyone (myself included!) can use this year to improve themselves, make friends, find love, open a new career path, whatever you want to do; all of the above, or none of the above; more than anything, I wish everyone safety and SATISFACTION with their lives.

With that, I wish you, my dear reader, and all readers worldwide, a very happy New Year!

May 2022 be the best of what’s to come!

Beautiful Image thanks to Ray Hennessy from Unsplash.

2 responses to “Here’s to 2022!”

  1. Determined warrior Avatar
    Determined warrior

    I am glad someone thought of putting Great Resignation on the list of big accomplishments of the past year. I hope this will not be lost in the upcoming year. Please keep on writing!

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    1. Hello Determined warrior, I’m glad you enjoyed that I included the Great Resignation in the piece! I will continue to write next year, please consider following me if you haven’t already to never miss any of my pieces. Have a wonderful 2022!


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