Democrats must abandon the Trump Resistance grift

A few days ago, there was a bit of a hullabaloo when it was announced that former Ohio governor John Kasich will be speaking at the Democratic National Convention to endorse Joe Biden.

That’s all fine and dandy… except for the fact that John Kasich is a Republican. Not just any Republican, either: he was a fervently anti-gay, anti-abortion, union-busting Republican. But, now that John Kasich has feigned support for Joe Biden, Kasich is being lauded as yet another #Resistance hero; as a Republican brave enough to stand up to bad orange-man Trump, and who will entice other Republicans to vote for Joe Biden and save our democracy.

First of all, it is hilarious to me how the “Resistance” thinks that Donald Trump is little more than an obese, obtuse, oaf, yet at the same time so dangerous that every stop needs to be pulled out just to squeak out a victory for Joe Biden. 

But anyways… Democrats. Please. Come to your senses, and ditch these Never-Trump Republican grifters for good. Fact: the Never-Trump Republican group The Lincoln Project has raised over $19,000,000 in 2020 alone. Now that’s a whole lotta resistance!

This isn’t even mentioning the countless TV appearances, contracts, interviews, stories, bookings, and other types of influence that have been accrued by prominent Never-Trump Republicans like Rick Wilson and Steve Schmidt. And the cherry on top? Most of these Never-Trump Republicans don’t even disagree with Trump on anything. All they ever bring up are his potty-mouth tweets and his “unseemly manner.” Other times, they criticize Trump for trying to pull troops out of the Middle East or for escalating trade war with China, actions that I would praise Trump for, not criticize, despite my intense dislike for him.

Everything else though? The conservative cultural values, the big business deregulation, the foreign affairs that Trump does engage in? The Never-Trumpers are all in lock step with Trump on those issues. 

But that aside, why are Democrats courting Never-Trump Republicans to vote for Biden, and not progressives? One group is a small, tiny minority of Republican voters, and the other is a big part of the country. Yet Democrats are again swinging right, kissing up to ghouls like John Kasich while leaving left-leaning voters out to dry.

Democrats: you must free yourselves from the clutches of these people who, frankly, you have almost nothing in common with. They do not agree with you on anything, and they do not care one bit about Trump being in the White House; all they care for is lining their pockets, and fleecing yours. And if you truly care about winning in November, then getting the DNC to back off of former Republicans is one hell of a way to bring in disgruntled progressives.

Featured Image by Elizabeth Frantz/Reuters.

4 responses to “Democrats must abandon the Trump Resistance grift”

  1. Wait: never-Trump group raised $$19 mln to re-elect Trump?? What do they collect money for?


    1. No, they raised $19 million off of resistance to Trump.


  2. When you say that Democrats should court progressives. Arn’t progressives part of Dems? Also, I was trying to find which portion of Republican voters are never-Trump: is it somewhere within Trump’s job approval rating?


    1. Yes, progressives are part of Dems, but they are increasingly a separate entity. The number of Never-Trumpers is usually given as the number of Republicans polled who disapprove of Trump. On any given day, it is around 10% of Republicans.


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