The “Go Greenland” Project

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There is something magical and elusive about the far North. The idea of endless white as far as the eye can see, in a land few people have ever set foot on, is very “cool” to me. In fact, as a younger boy, I was so mystified by the Far North, that I had a dream of one day establishing a foundation towards the development of Greenland into a worldwide megalopolis!

While helping my family pack for our move, I found my notebook containing all my dreams and ambitions about the development of Greenland. The notebook put a warm smile on my face as I ruminated on my writing.

In the notebook, I scrupulously detail the climate, wind, and water patterns of the island. I examine the numerous provinces of Greenland and list the advantages and disadvantages of the cold weather. I analyze the numerous business opportunities Greenland has at its disposal.

Although I now realize that a Greenlandic megalopolis is logistically impossible, it felt great reading about a subject I was so fond of. Who knew that a move could result in such a find?



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