Free internet in the USA is under attack

There is going to be a historic vote on December 14th.

On this day, the 5 leaders of the Federal Communications Commission will vote on whether to keep net neutrality in America, or scrap it.

Net neutrality protects the internet from ISP interference; your ISP must provide you with equal access to all of the internet. However, without net neutrality, your ISP is free to speed up or slow down access to whichever sites they wish, and if you want faster access, you’re going to need to pay up.

What this means is that the internet would function much like T.V. where you pay to have access to a bundle of sites you visit frequently. It also means that businesses will have to pay to access user bases, greatly reducing the user pool small businesses can access.

The FCC wish to repeal net neutrality on December 14th. They want to limit our internet access, charge us more for worse service, and snuff out innovation, all so that a few companies can reap extra billions every year.

This is an urgent message to anyone who wishes to use the internet in peace:

Protect our freedoms!

The internet is free for anyone to use. It’s a fountain of innovation and creativity, where thought and ideas flourish. This wonderful utility may soon be gone, but it doesn’t have to be.

Fight for your rights! Visit to find out how you can help save net neutrality.


One response to “Free internet in the USA is under attack”

  1. amazingly that this voting is going in shadows, and public is not aware. thank you for attracting attention to this very important side of our everyday life.


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