The American professions which don’t receive enough respect

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There are a lot of talented people in America. Whether it be sportsmen, businessmen, great minds, artists, musicians, etc., the U.S.A. has a great deal of interesting, important, and insightful people.

However, some of them are not respected enough.

You can see it in the culture. You have a good idea who’s going to lead the bracket in March Madness but you probably didn’t know that the first woman recently won the Fields Medal, or even what the Fields Medal is.

I remember in fifth grade overhearing a competition between boys to name the most star quarterbacks. I heard them name fifteen. Try naming five top engineers.

Yes, that’s right everyone. I’m talking about none other than the academics. (Ew.) You know, people like teachers and professors, who help students find their potential early on. Every great person was the spawn of a good mentor.

Or mathematicians, who design every single algorithm that powers your life. GPS guided you to the right place? Algorithms. Air conditioner shut off when it was getting too cold? Algorithms. Computer working properly? Algorithms. No? Turn it off, turn it back on again.

The list goes on and on. I could mention all the different fields and workers who allow for civilization as we know it to exist. I think you already get the idea. What I’m saying is, that next time you use an appliance, drive a car, or enjoy your home, remember all the effort and hard work put in by the forgotten architects and engineers; the academics.

We should all show more respect for these seemingly forgotten workers.


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