Things you can do this Summer

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Ah, yes… it’s summer! And y’all know what that means, right? Three (debatable) months of sun, rest, and relaxation! However, with the relaxing atmosphere and increased free time, you may soon find yourself feeling bored out of your mind.

(I don’t like summer? Who is this guy kidding?)

Admit it, we’ve all had those feelings of boredom when its the summer. Whether you’re a student with time off or an adult without plans, here’s some ideas to make your Summer 2017 fee amazing!


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Travel is a great option to visit some new cultures, have fun, and experience tasty food! Best of all, travel is now cheaper and more available than ever before!

Just don’t get forcefully removed from the aircraft. For some ideas on where to visit, check out my blog post here.


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Hey, just ’cause it’s summer, doesn’t mean you don’t have to work. This summer, choose to help your community out a little and volunteer. Help some elderly folks. Teach some kindergarteners something. Clean up the beaches. Just help out! Your heart will thank you later.

30 Day Challenges!!!

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This is by far my favorite! Choose some kind of physical activity and do it every day for a month (or more.) Some challenges to consider are push-up, running, crunches, and more. Enjoy your profoundly larger pecs after one month!

Hang out with your friends

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You’d think this would be a given. However, this is a general reminder more than an idea: DO NOT FORGET TO HANG OUT WITH YOUR FRIENDS WHILE YOU CAN!!! Spending time with friends is crucial for bonding and is key to a happy life.

“Oh, but I don’t WANT to!”

Yeah, cut through the slack and take initiative. Organize a date and go have fun!

Pick up a new skill

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Is there something you wanted to do this year, but couldn’t get around to it? Use this summer to your advantage! Think of summer as a tactical advantage. Use the additional free time to better yourself and your environment. Who do you want to be seen as in five years? Move towards that image this summer!

Well, that’s what I’m going to be doing this summer. Hanging out, chilling, learning, writing…

What are you guys doing over the summer? Post in comments!

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