Places I’ve always wanted to go to

Summer is approaching fast, and you know what that means: travel time! Plenty of time to vacation around the world and visit all the places you’ve wanted to visit!

Here’s some places I’d like to visit for the summer. I may not be able to go to all of them, but I recommend you visit them as well!

Where shall we go to…?

Northern Alaska

Image result for gates of the arctic national park winter

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Summer too hot for you? Try Northern Alaska! The image here is of the Gates of the Arctic National Park. I don’t know why I’ve ever wanted to go so far north in my life (apart from the beauty,) but sometimes I just want to get in a car and drive as far north as possible…


Image result for Cuba

Courtesy of HuffPost

It just seems so… allusive, you know what I mean? It’s just opened up, and thanks to its sea climate its not even that hot. (Okay, scratch that.) It’s arguably the only way to still take a trip to the past…


Image result for Iceland

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Volcanoes. Cool weather. Nice people. NO MOSQUITOES!!! 

What more do you need?


Image result for seychelles

Courtesy of The Telegraph

Look at how clear that water is! The island in the center is so cute though.

I’ve always wanted to visit Africa. It’s like a hidden gem, waiting to be discovered.


Image result for Japan

Courtesy of The Telegraph

It’s an excellent fusion blend (Get it?) of tradition and modern architecture. Beautiful mountains, Tokyo, and samurai, Japan is like the one cool guy at the party you can’t get enough of.


Image result for Mongolia

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If you can’t tell, I have a knack for obscure places. I’d love to go horse riding through the steppes, reliving the legend of Genghis Khan…

Yellowstone National Park

Image result for yellowstone national park

Courtesy of Youtube

WOAH THAT’S A HOT GEYSER. It looks like an alien substance has infected this patch of Earth. It’s insane, is what I’m telling you! Also, wide sweeping forests.

That’s everywhere I’d like to visit for summer. Where would YOU like to go for summer?

4 responses to “Places I’ve always wanted to go to”

  1. So no place in south hemisphere? What about Argentina (especially southern one), New Zealand and South Africa or, maybe, Tanzania or Madagascar? Indonesia and Australia also ring wonders!


    1. I think those are also quite excellent places! These places never occurred to me while I was writing the post. Excellent suggestions however!
      P.S. Seychelles is in the Southern Hemisphere.


  2. Love this list!!!
    Iceland and Mongolia are 100% on my list!!!
    I would also recommend Namibia – I’ve recently returned and loved it!
    The scenery is incredible and people are incredibly warm and fun loving –
    I’m also interested in maybe going somewhere in the Middle East – possibly Jordan? Just interested in the culture there!


  3. […] Just don’t get forcefully removed from the aircraft. For some ideas on where to visit, check out my blog post here. […]


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